Art is a catalyst for change.

The voices of artists are essential to shape a balanced society.

Art must be available to everyone.

Persona was conceived in 2018, thanks to the support of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, as an exchange program providing artists with the opportunity to live and create work between Monterrey, Mexico and New York.

We are committed to commissioning multidisciplinary art projects to mark the culmination of each artist’s residency, such projects include, artist lectures, installations, sound compositions, endurance performances, monographic exhibitions, and architectural interventions.

Our Mission

Expand the understanding of contemporary art while serving as a bridge that fosters an exchange between creatives throughout Mexico and abroad.

Our Vision

To incite knowledge creation, experimentation, new modes of collaboration, and the coproduction of awareness, dialogue, and solutions for the pressing challenges affecting us today.

Our Ethos

We are interested in the fissures and crossovers between different disciplines particularly art, architecture, and design. Persona sees itself as a producer of art and culture, not just a frozen frame for it, therefore making both its physical space and digital portals, outlets for creative expression and content generation.